Are You Judging Me

2015-11-19 Judging img01Go to and type in judgmental. Your list of synonyms will include arbitrary, personal, irresponsible/frivolous, unreasonable/irrational, and, my favorite of the bunch, injudicious.

Judicious and judgmental both come from the root jud-, which relates to making decisions and forming opinions. From a linguistic standpoint, it just doesn’t make sense for the word judgmental to be synonymous with injudicious, the negation of judicious.

Now, I understand that language evolves. Sometimes you just have to throw up your hands Continue reading

Intersections, Combinations, Misdirections – That’s All One

2014-7-17 Universe img01 Thinking that it sounded fun, I registered last winter for a college course entitled “Symbolic Logic (MTH 303).” I had expected a Junior-level math course, even one so harmlessly christened, to pose a challenge, but it was more grueling than I could have guessed – cruelly so, even, because after every unbearable homework problem had been resolved, all one could think was, “Oh – of course. Obviously. How could I not have seen that? Ugh.” We couldn’t even sympathize with our yesterselves.

(Math, incidentally, is only tangential to this post, and an understanding thereof even moreso. Non-math folks, please hang in there.)

As it turned out, Continue reading