2015-12-17 nostalgia img01“Memories for sale!  Get your reminiscing and musing here!  Memories for sale—!”

“Childhood daydreams, first birthdays, and flights of fancy, yours for only three hundred—!”

“Piano lessons, cooking classes, foreign languages, we’ve got ‘em all!  Get your practical skills now—!”

“Memories for sale!  What’s past is present again!  Memories for sale!” Continue reading

Artist’s Statement

2014-3-6 Artist's Statement img01A human person is an embodied soul – an apparently contradictory combination of spirit and body. Our lives are finite, yet our souls are eternal. As an artist, I address this tension by focusing on memory and unity. I seek to remember loved ones and represent the human form primarily in photography and charcoal drawings.

Images are crucial to memory, because they evoke associations and clarify the past. Every piece of art I create holds a fragment of time in its colors and shapes. Photographs are unique… Continue reading