Happy Holy Days

2015-12-30 Holidays img01During roughly the past decade, the so-called “War on Christmas” seems to have made great strides in forcing average people to wish everyone “Happy Holidays” rather than “Merry Christmas” for fear of being considered an inconsiderate religious bigot.

After all, Christianity isn’t the only religion celebrating this time of year. Continue reading

Diverse Sorts of Diversity

CandlesThe word “diversity” has seen a tremendous rise in popularity within the last few decades.[1] Schools and employers today scramble (or are pressured to scramble) to bring together the most broadly diverse classes of students and workers. In its original sense, the word is neither positive nor negative, but recent trends have moved sharply in the direction of assuming diversity to be desirable. Unfortunately, modern diversity rhetoric focuses largely upon the wrong sorts of diversity, at the expense of those sorts which actually are beneficial, and moreover often seeks to divide and reduce people into members of opposing data sets, rather than uniting them for a common purpose. Continue reading