A Review of Battlestar Galactica

Of the many works of sci-fi present in the growing archives of human fiction, few are more deserving of the term “space opera” than the 2004 remake of Battlestar Galactica. Space opera is popularly defined as a work placed in a space-faring setting of an epic character, “where technology is ubiquitous and entirely secondary to the story.” All well and good for those searching for a meaningful tale unburdened by technobabble and the monster/phenomenon of the week formula. And yet, BSG manages to surpass even this level of story- and character-focus implied by its genre. Indeed, the sci-fi setting of the show is easily forgotten for a deceptively simple yet compelling reason: Battlestar Galactica is a real human drama, which transcends both the audience’s expectations and its recent experiences, and further explores territory which has been left uncharted in the public mind for far too long. Continue reading