Concerning Hobbits: Narrative and The Shire

2015-9-24 Hobbits img01Perhaps one of the most delightful holidays of the year (for members of the Tolkien fandom) is September 22. This particular day is the birthday of two of the most important hobbits in Tolkien’s works: Bilbo Baggins and his nephew Frodo Baggins. Dedicated Tolkien fans all over the world remove their shoes and eat a second breakfast in honor of the beloved shire-folk. For that reason, a post concerning hobbits (even one sadly posted two days after the actual date) seems rather fitting. Continue reading

God is Not Your Passive Aggressive Girlfriend


My senior year of high school, I wrote a letter to the administrator, who was also a pastor. Our teachers tell us to ‘think, don’t feel’ in direct contradiction to Obi-wan Kenobi’s advice in Star Wars, I said. But then we’re told ‘where do you feel God leading you?’ How can we say both? What are we supposed to do? Think, or feel? Continue reading

The Good Fight

It is a simple fact of life that Evil “plays dirty.”  It’s something we knew and witnessed from early childhood when the school bullies ganged up on the one weak kid, or when sniggering tale-tellers spread rumors about someone without giving them a chance to speak for themselves.  We see it most recently and profoundly in the organization called ISIS, which routinely murders Christians and other non-Muslims in abominable ways to make an example of them to the rest of the world.  Evil simply doesn’t play by the rules. Continue reading

Claiming History for Obergefell

Ideas like this have been current on the Interwebs ever since the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark Obergefell v. Hodges decision:

2015-9-3 Marriage img01

(This is a mildly edited comic from this site.)

I suppose that the first thing to observe is that a very complicated issue, with relevance in a lot of different respects (legal, social, moral, &c.), has been collapsed into a single “issue.” Continue reading