Pursuing Truth, Part 2: Unappealing Authority

2015-8-27 Authority img01In my previous post about scientific literacy, I briefly discussed the high levels of misleading information and specious arguments regarding controversial scientifically related issues, and I mentioned the need to put extra effort into doing your research carefully. I addressed such research only in broad strokes, however, and I have received multiple requests for a more detailed “how-to” guide. While working on said guide, I realized that there are some common threads in many of these controversies that I need to address first, and these are my topic for this post. Continue reading


2015-9 Requiem img01

Mist swirls about the headstones as midnight draws nigh
The cemetery is tranquil at this late hour,
and why not?
Its residents slumber undisturbed, and their kin lie elsewhere in the long night
Above the worn markers, only beech trees murmur amongst themselves, swaying in the nighttime air
Earth, moistened and gentled by an easterly breath, darkens with hidden dew

A sly fox treads lightly, ears pricked and straining to catch a hint of company Continue reading

Judging Nuns’ Faith

What happens when courts practice theology?  Last week, one of GoodTrueBeautiful’s authors highlighted the danger to religious freedom in an article published by The Baltimore Sun:

A group of appellate judges recently decided to take up theology while writing a legal opinion. As might be expected, they got into trouble.

Read more: Judging nuns’ faith – Baltimore Sun

In Defense of Online Dating

2015-8-6 Online img01Way back in February, a friend sent me this article from a Christian website, warning about the problems ‘inherent’ in online dating. As I had been encouraging a different friend to move in that direction, I was of course interested in hearing objections. What I found was a narrative of ‘Biblical’ dating/courtship/whatever that is distressingly common among conservative Christians, and, what seems to me, a fundamental misunderstanding of the role of the community v. individual before, during, and after looking for a spouse. Continue reading