Evangelicalism: It Ain’t What It Used to Be

2015-6-25 Evangelical img01“Why does ‘Evangelical’ seem to be synonymous with ‘bad theology’?” a friend asked recently. She, like many conservative Christians, had always identified as Evangelical. Yet more and more often the word was used as a pejorative or at the very least in a dismissive manner by other Christians who also identified as conservative. Continue reading


2015-6-18 Reading img01Reading a book at night has always been a dangerous prospect. If the bedtime reader wishes to relax his mind before sinking into sleep, he must choose carefully. The wrong book could, instead of saving him from a few minutes of staring at the ceiling, cost him several hours of wide-eyed attention as he strains to conclude the final chapters by flashlight, because, after all, it is already two o’clock in the morning, and he has only three chapters to go. On the other hand, if a reader imagines his mind is most relaxed and receptive to a book just before bed, when the world has left him in peace for a few blessed minutes, and the cares and obligations of the daytime have called a temporary retreat, he may find his body has other ideas. Continue reading


2015-6-11 Sonnet img01

Beneath the crust of ages past and gone
And ‘yond the dust of empty chasmed halls
We find the trust of forebears dead at dawn
But hid in ink for better days and dolls.
In pages bound and pressed with gentle care
Preserving laughter, tears, and wintry scorn
For minds too young to know the evening fair
When peace and sanctity are mocked and torn.
That festival of flame so wild and free
Cut loose and lighting every silver hair
Till none are left who know save only me
A world so proud and built on old debris.
When once we breathed our rich and storied past
We also knew that naught would ever last.

Ars Memoria: A System for Remembering Everything

2015-6-4 Memory img01Many of us probably don’t remember as well as we would like to. Basic facts get forgotten, lists must absolutely be written down, and whole chunks of our life seem to disappear, as though they’d never even happened. What did we spend all of fourth grade doing? Whole books that we’ve spent hours reading seem to have left neither arguments nor revelations nor even a title a couple of years – a fraction of a lifespan – after the fact.

Some things, however, aren’t like that. Continue reading