When Science Disappoints

2014-12-18 documentary img02I recently had the audacity to comment upon a YouTube video in which footage of a famous prehistoric animal had supposedly been captured. I didn’t expect much from the footage, and I soon realized that I did indeed recognize the discreditable source of the video. To many people in the scientific world – specifically the area of that world which deals closely with animals and their prehistoric counterparts – this video footage was known to be part of a fictionalized “documentary” put on by the Discovery Channel for their famed and much-loved Shark Week in August of last year. In the film, which ran about two hours, a team of scientists supposedly discovers footage of a Megalodon from a seafloor camera that they are monitoring. Continue reading

Leaving the Party

2014-12-11 fraternities img01I don’t go on Facebook much these days, but every so often I pop on to check for one thing or another and happen to see the first few posts on my feed.  Right before Thanksgiving, a number of those posts were from current or former UVA students expressing their outrage at the situation described in the recent Rolling Stone article on a rape. Continue reading

Truth in Tropes: A Defense of Fanfiction

2014-12-4 Fanfiction img01It’s been a long day. I’m finally sitting down at home in my incredibly comfy papasan chair with a cup of tea that I’ve been wanting all day, intending to spend only a few seconds checking my personal email before curling up with a book or catching up with my latest Netflix obsession. However, my plans for the next ten minutes change suddenly when I see the following subject line:

New Chapter from WriterWoman01* (FanFiction.net)

Yes, you read correctly. I confess. I read, write, and follow fanfiction. Continue reading