Where Have All the Recipes Gone, Long Time Passing?

2014-11-27 thanksgiving img01My particular friend Miss Lane and I have shared many, many conversations during our friendship, which has weathered perfect storms and endured more than half the length of our lives. The deepest confidence exists between us. Yet, there is one secret she will never, ever impart to me: namely, the chocolate chip cookie recipe passed down to her from her ancestresses. Continue reading

Diverse Sorts of Diversity

CandlesThe word “diversity” has seen a tremendous rise in popularity within the last few decades.[1] Schools and employers today scramble (or are pressured to scramble) to bring together the most broadly diverse classes of students and workers. In its original sense, the word is neither positive nor negative, but recent trends have moved sharply in the direction of assuming diversity to be desirable. Unfortunately, modern diversity rhetoric focuses largely upon the wrong sorts of diversity, at the expense of those sorts which actually are beneficial, and moreover often seeks to divide and reduce people into members of opposing data sets, rather than uniting them for a common purpose. Continue reading

Playing the Game

2014-11-13 grad school img01On the first day of school in kindergarten, I sat a table and looked a bunch of kids I didn’t know. I was a little bit nervous, as probably any child is in this situation. But then I saw her: the most beautiful girl my five-year-old eyes had ever seen. Emboldened, I walked up to her and said: “You’re very pretty. Will you be my friend?” Continue reading

American Monk

2014-11-6 merton img01Thomas Merton tried his hand at writing from his college years on, but his books were never publishable until he wrote the account of his life leading up to his conversion to Catholicism and his subsequent decision to take monastic vows at the age of 34. Beginning with his childhood, Merton traces a meandering path to his embrace of the Catholic faith and, soon after, a monastic life.

Merton makes his readers feel as though they are witnesses to every hour of his life. Continue reading