Work Hard, Play Hard

2014-3-27 Frisbee img01O spinning disc, O Wham-O’s gift to all

The pure of heart, Great Frisbee! now do we

Rejoice in thy return, the vernal sign.

No more is campus snowy white, in thrall

To Jadis’ temperamental atrophy.

Good spring! Good sun! Good weather! Feel we fine!

In harmony your circle’s motion lends

The vibrance and perfection of the spheres

In ev’ry catch the grace of Venus, in each

Throw the furiosity of Mars;

And here in Tellus unserene extends

A line of friendship, spins a web of peers

In Ultimacy one. Some learn, some teach,

But reaching for the disc we grasp the stars.

A Review of Battlestar Galactica

Of the many works of sci-fi present in the growing archives of human fiction, few are more deserving of the term “space opera” than the 2004 remake of Battlestar Galactica. Space opera is popularly defined as a work placed in a space-faring setting of an epic character, “where technology is ubiquitous and entirely secondary to the story.” All well and good for those searching for a meaningful tale unburdened by technobabble and the monster/phenomenon of the week formula. And yet, BSG manages to surpass even this level of story- and character-focus implied by its genre. Indeed, the sci-fi setting of the show is easily forgotten for a deceptively simple yet compelling reason: Battlestar Galactica is a real human drama, which transcends both the audience’s expectations and its recent experiences, and further explores territory which has been left uncharted in the public mind for far too long. Continue reading

Scientist’s Statement

DSC_0359I present for your consideration science in primary and secondary education. Advocates consider funding for this education to be crucial… for America to not fall behind other countries, for us to create new and improved treatments for diseases, for us to find better and cleaner sources of energy, for us to have faster computers, etc. Many of these are relevant and worthwhile considerations, but they are practical aims. In this view, science is merely a means to an end.

 The pragmatic approach often continues when the students, as they often do, demand to know why they should have to learn about science in the first place. The best known response is something like, “Because you’ll need it later.” Children and teenagers are typically unimpressed by this. And for them the argument also has the danger of falling through Continue reading

Artist’s Statement

2014-3-6 Artist's Statement img01A human person is an embodied soul – an apparently contradictory combination of spirit and body. Our lives are finite, yet our souls are eternal. As an artist, I address this tension by focusing on memory and unity. I seek to remember loved ones and represent the human form primarily in photography and charcoal drawings.

Images are crucial to memory, because they evoke associations and clarify the past. Every piece of art I create holds a fragment of time in its colors and shapes. Photographs are unique… Continue reading